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Our Story

The 'X' in Women-X

X is the Unique Biological Feature of Women, the sex chromosome located at the 23rd pair of DNA of Women is an X-chromosome


X stands for Excitement as our vision is to invent products to improve women's health, enabling women to have a happier life.


X stands for women in the future. With us, Women will enter a new era with better health management.

Our Vision

Women X develop a wide scope of technology to enhance women's health and facilitate the diagnosis of women's diseases including reproductive system cancer (ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer), viral/ bacterial/ fungal infections (e.g. Candidas, HPV, STD). 

We utilize non-invasive monthly collection of menstruation blood to reduce the pain you suffer from regular diagnosis procedures. Therefore, you can analyze your health status more frequently and get diagnosed much earlier than symptoms appear, hence, receiving a much better treatment.

Our technology will empower you to attain a healthier status. With WomenX, the menstrual blood discarded every month will become very useful. You will look forward to having menstruation as it provides chances for you to understand your body. No more frustration, but in anticipation of menstrual cycle.


Dr. WAH CHOI (Biochemistry)

Bsc, Phd (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Postdoc (Brigham and Women's / Harvard Medical School)

Dr. CHOI is a female biomedical scientist. She has a deep interest in tackling women's diseases. Her Ph.D. study focuses on ovarian cysts formation and the migration of ovarian cancer cells. With new cell culture modeling and animal model, she revealed the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer, the deadliest gynecologic cancer which causes 150,000 death worldwide.

After she completed her Ph.D. study, she pursued postdoctoral training at the renowned OB/GYN department at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston MA. She continued the study on ovarian cancer, including finding new biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of ovarian cancer and investigating ovarian cancer stem cells.

Being a female scientist, she has a vision of developing biotechnology to facilitate treatment, diagnosis, and management of women's diseases, including female reproductive system cancer and fungal /viral/ bacterial infections. She also wants to help women to understand more about their health status fertility profile. Therefore, she founded WomenX Biotech Limited which is dedicated to developing a wide scope of solutions for tackling women's diseases.

Our Team

We are energetic and creative. We have special methods for picking candidates. We gather people with different thoughts for combating this challenging project with a all-round strategy. 

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Chan, Assistant Prof (CUHK)

Expert in material science, focusing on the synthesis of polymer for biological use.

Prof. Ming Ming (M.D, Ph.D), Assistant Dean (CityU)

OB/GYN medical doctor. Research interest in gestational diabetes and diseases related to pregnancy or childbirth.

Mr. Joseph Tse (MLT), MLT HKHA

Mphil in Biotechnology, 7 years of experience in MLT, has been worked at private diagnostic companies and hospitals.

Mr. David Lam (Regulatory)

10 years experience in the application of ISO certificate. 







Rm608, 6th floor, 17W, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, Tai Po, Hong Kong