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WomenX develop a wide scope of technology to enhance women's health and facilitate the detection of women's diseases 

including reproductive system cancer and viral/ bacterial/ fungal infections.

Core Technology

Synthesis of polymer for target protein enrichment. (a) fluorescent signal of the material captured after being soaked at crystal violet overnight and underwent freeze drying. Scale bar = 200 microliter. (b) Bright field of the material captured. Scale bar = 200 microliter. (c) SDS PAGE analysis on the protein profile after cotton and our polymer being soaked in the human menstrual blood. The difference of protein profile was indicated by the arrows on the right hand side of the gel image. Black arrows indicate wanted protein enriched by the polymer while orange arrows indicate the reduction of unwanted protein by the polymer when compared to cotton.

Incorporating material science and biomedical science, we create a unique material for the sole purpose of collecting menstrual blood. The collection of menstrual blood is the main barrier preventing the utilization of menstrual blood for disease detection. A collector should solve the problems of rapid bacterial growth, and biomolecules degradation in menstrual blood, at the same time, allow long period preservation, ease of transportation and user friendliness during the process of menstrual blood collection. Our team synthesize polymer which select and preserve protein for the purpose of diseases detection. The polymer is safe and comfortable to use at the female vulnerable fragile place. The fluorescent images show the structure of one of the polymer we synthesized. Figure A and B shows the internal structure of the polymer, a porous structure with a pore size around 30um to 200um. The protein enriched by our polymer is shown in figure C. The difference between the protein absorption spectrum by our polymer and cotton are indicated with the triangle. Our polymer could select and enrich the protein of interest in the menstrual blood for further analysis. We also successfully incorporate the polymer into the sanitary pad manufacturing line and mass manufacture the sanitary pad with the polymer inside.


Our review provides insight on spotting miRNAs involved in the early pathogenic processes and pointing out their potential as biomarker targets of cervical pre-cancer.

We evaluated the levels of family members relative to the internal control miR-103a in ovarian cancer and control blood specimens collected from American and Hong Kong Chinese institutions, as well as from a laying hen spontaneous ovarian cancer model.

Social Responsibility

Publishing Women’s Health Information on Social Media Platform
Holding Free Sex Education Talk at Local Schools
Sponsoring Free Sanitary
Pads Samples

We feature free information about women's health on Instagram and Facebook.

We hold free sexual education talk at local schools regularly.

We sponsor free sanitary pads to local universities and the public.

Vision of Our Company

Empower women and we honor the women who make changes to women history

We believe women health could be better

Female scientist understands female product more


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Like what was reported in the news, our braveness for starting the menstrual blood challenging project, our enthusiasm for improving women’s health, and our vision for nourishing the young generation never stop growing


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We collaborate with several universities and industries

Clinical Trial : City University of Hong Kong

Prof. Ming from department of public health from city university, as our collaborator, will conduct a clinical study with us. We invite subjects who have been diagnosed with pre-cervical cancer to donate their samples for the meaningful research.

Manufacture:Win Concept Enterprise

Win Concept is an expert in manufacturing textile related product. Their experience in clean room manufacturing ensure our product is clean, safe and manufactured with high quality.

Jinan University

Jinan University is launching clinical study in mainland. We collaborate with them to conduct meaningful research on pre-cervical cancer.

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