Our Science

Non-Invasive Diagnosis

Afraid of Pap Smear?

Currently, a Pap smear is the golden standard procedure to test for cervical cancer in women. However, it is invasive and uncomfortable and to some people: embarrassing. We are developing a non-invasive method for HPV (the virus which causes cervical cancer)  detection to remove both physical and psychological barriers for cervical cancer early diagnosis.

Clinician is not required to carry out the procedure
Optimize next-generation bandwidth
Simple procedure enables easy public screening
Cost reduced

Continuous Monitoring

How often you do a body check?

 Some people only do a body check when symptoms appear. When symptoms appear, it is already too late for a cure. We are developing a method that allows monthly health check. Therefore, you can understand your health much better. Continuously monitoring also allows early diagnosis of diseases which leads to a high chance of survival.

Monthly Monitoring
Early Diagnosis
Detection before symptoms appear
Early treatment, high survival rate

Quality Control of our Product

We Monitor our Product with the Most Secure Discipline

After two years of scientific research and testing, we can guarantee that our products are safe and provide outstanding quality and effectiveness. To ensure that our products comply with the strict levels of safety and quality we demand, our products are continuously monitored and have passed quality tests including a fluorescent agent test, a formaldehyde test, and a microbiological test. Additionally, our products are manufactured in cleanrooms, where pollutants such as dusts, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles are filtered out, providing the cleanest environment for sanitary pad production as possible.

Outstanding quality
Strict levels of safety
Passed several quality tests
Manufactured in cleanrooms

Period Management

Understanding your Uterus, Ovary & Vagina

These three organs are closely related to our fertility profile and hormonal production. Understanding the health status of these three organs could provide better health control. Also, infections in these three organs could harm women's life, WomenX's technology will allow an understanding of the health of these three organs.

Hormonal level regulation by the ovary
Detection of infections in vagina
Cancer markers from ovary or uterus 
Endometrium health status for fertility
Understand period and health status







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